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December 7, 2011
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"…I want to race."


In the time it took Black Beauty to look over at Puru, she had already turned to look at him with the most adorable puppy eyed look she could muster. Both Medabots had been sent to find their friends and siblings; LadyBee, MetaBee, Lilium, and Ambiguous 2 on Tanna, a rather large mountain with barely enough places for homes to gain any attention from humans. Cassie, Moy, Suzy, and Ikki had all freaked over their medabots and Kilobots going to that mountain, seeing as Puru had almost died there...Of course, seeing as the fastest way to get to the area was by air as an overall fact, the medafighters really had no choice but to send them. Black Beauty had no problem with this... except the fact he had to get METABEE and had to go with Puru... alone ...but it turned out the trip was taking longer then expected... Ignoring Lilium's repeated radio messages of incompetence, Puru seemed... LESS then enthusiastic, but, as soon as he asked the hornet what they should do to pass the time, Puru interjected with her 'race' idea.

Puru held her claw-like hands up in a sort of begging posture and looked as sweet and innocent as she could at her friend. To anyone else, the gesture would have looked frightening considering she had rather dull diamond eyes, although it was far less scary then if Black Beauty had tried such a gesture himself. He found the insect's overall act cute...but he raised a nonexistent eyebrow at her nonetheless.

Black Beauty snorted. "You fly faster than me," he said nonchalantly, flapping his wings in a lazy matter. "You'd win. Is that all you want to do?"

Puru seemed flustered. She shook her head and buzzed lightly. "Not flying! Running!"

Black Beauty blinked, and turned his head to face his violet companion... he had to put some space between them to do so to make sure he would not try to hit her with his wings.
 "What in the lord's name makes you want to do that?"

Puru shrugged and grinned, a scary thing to anyone else other than Black Beauty and Cassie. "You hazz to wait and zzee."

Black Beauty sighed and made a low grunt. "Coming from you, the 'wait and see' gig is never a good thing."

Puru said nothing, but she continued to look at him silently as if waiting for the answer she wanted. Deep green eyes stared straight into Black Beauty's own, and the black flier gave into the looks and snorted, glancing around at the ground for a suitable place to land. "Okay, okay, fine. We'll race. Where-?"
Puru squealed, buzzed happily, and dive bombed. Black Beauty sighed and mentally pinched the bridge of his nose, diving after the incompetent hornet. Below him, Puru suddenly did a front flip, landing gracefully on the ground in a posture more suited for acrobats than for her. Black Beauty grinned and landed beside her with a slight knee bend, stepping forward so his legs could take more of the impact. When she watched him
Robattle, Puru had picked up on a lot of Black Beauty's balance methods and landing techniques so she would not land flat on her face when touching down. Puru had been exhilarated with the discovery actually, and the hornet spent the first few days  flying around and doing acrobatic stunts in the air she was never able to do before without crashing into a pitiful pulp. Black Beauty was just glad he did not have to drag her to the mechanic.

Black Beauty laughed dryly and nudged Puru in the shoulder with his fist, amber eyes sparkling. "Nice landing."

Puru blew a raspberry at him. "Don't flatter me."

Black Beauty grinned wider, and Puru smirked at him as much as she could via her mouths awkwardly shaped mandibles. Still, Black Beauty turned away and looked around.The place infront of the mountain was a rather large consisting of mostly plains and seas of grass with lone trees about every so often. The trees themselves as a whole were a rarity, and Black Beauty could only see three from where he was standing while the grass grew all the way up to the height of their waists in some places. "…So, where are we racing to?"

Puru razzed, looked around as if scanning the environment, and let her eyes narrow. Black Beauty himself looked around and made a quick scan himself. In truth, there was not really much the immediate area had to offer. Black Beauty was in slight awe at how flat the direct area was though. Tanna was quite some distance away... although it mattered very little to the Black Beauty. Really, it was a relatively good place for an endurance race.

More or less, Black Beauty was relieved. He was good with endurance even though he had never really tried to run long distances. He had made mad sprints for cover while he was under Suprise attack fire, true, but they were short distance dashes. Whatever Puru was planning, it was a far greater distance than the twenty or so feet he was accustomed to.
…And he was sure he would win. As it was and as far as he knew, Puru would not last. The hornet had picked up on many of Black Beauty's abilities, yes, but she was still as accidentally prone as the day she was born. Her unlucky tendencies had a habit of making her land flat on her face on end up in several mangled pieces… as being shredded and blasted to bits came mostly from fighting with Medabots, Black Beauty figured she would probably trip over her own two boots before she got ahead of him. On top of that... well, if Puru could beat him in the air, he'd get back by beating her on the ground.

" Hello? Earth to Turkey Head! Can you hear me or am I going to have to get your attention the hard way?"

Black Beauty returned to reality with a jolt and turned to Puru immediately. The hornet was looking at him with a smirk hidden on her features, and her green optics sparkled in the afternoon light from the beaming sun looming overhead.

Black Beauty pulled his face into a pout. " I hate being called a turkey. "

Puru's look never wavered, and Black Beauty wondered how someone as high strung and crazy as Puru could seem to calm and smug... 'Yeah, I'm having fun too.'

Before Black Beauty could come up with a response to that comment, Puru pointed off slightly to her left and made an almost squeaked buzz as if she had never even said anything to Black Beauty at all. The black butterfly found this aggravating to an extent, although he did not bother to say anything in response. Instead, he followed the direction Puru's sharp tipped index finger pointed, and..

"You have got to be kidding me…"

Puru giggled. "Nope."

Black Beauty stared in disbelief at the small, at least, it looked small from such a long distance away, speck at least a quarter of a mile across the vast plain. Black Beauty had to stain his eyes to nearly full zoom in order to get a good and slightly obscured view of their race destination. It was a small fluke of a tree, an eyesore really... The grass got shorter towards the bottom of it... although it was entirely outside the point that Black Beauty was stumped stupid as to how he or Puru could run that far.

The black butterfly nearly ejected his medal and squaled loudly when Puru waved a hand over his face while his optical sensors were still on zoom. Black Beauty zoomed out so fast his medal pounded in a firey like fashion out of pure protest. He squinted and barred his teeth for a moment and, as soon as his headache and processing returned to normal capacity, he glared at Puru.

"Don't do that again." Black Beauty pinched the bridge of his nonexistant nose and sighed. "…You want to race that far? That has to be a fourth of a mile!"

Puru's grin turned into a challenging look, and something more than playful gleamed in her green optics. "Chicken?"

Black Beauty waited for it.he knew it was coming. And, as expected, it came a moment later.

"…Turkey? "

"Alright, that's it," Black Beauty sneered and turned away from Puru, crouching down and glaring hard straight ahead of him where the tree was. He directed all his systems to straight energy from his temporarily unneeded weapons to his field dampeners and stabilizing circuits. "Bring it on, bug face."

Puru chuckled, only slightly crouching forward and leaning slightly ahead. Black Beauty glanced over at her, seeing how laid back she was, even her pre-race posture was relaxed compared to Black Beauty's tense position fully crouched ahead with the tip of his right foot digging into the soil behind him... and it disturbed Black Beauty to an extent.

Puru was planning something. Whatever it was though, Black Beauty knew he'd have to wait.  'Trust me, you'll probably win. Ready?'

Black Beauty snarled. "Bring it."


Black Beauty pushed off on his foot and that was when everything went wrong.

The ground gave way and the dirt crumbled. His foot slipped and his balance followed. He lost all footing and hold and he sprawled forward, catching himself on his palms and left knee. His knee yelped in protest and his hands stung from where he caught himself on them, but the one thing that hurt the most right then was his pride.

Puru had sprinted ahead and was gaining distance.

It was not even the first three seconds of the race and, damnit, Puru was winning.

The hornet whooped and ran ahead. Black Beauty watched her dumbly for a moment... DAMN, when was she able to run that fast!... for a moment before realizing he was loosing. Black Beauty scrambled to his feet, nearly loosing his footing again, and he took off like a bullet from the barrel of a pistol. Puru had gained the upper hand by putting sixty or so feet between her and her competitor. Black Beauty snarled and forced himself to try gaining speed. Puru was, ridiculously so, an excellent runner. No, scratch that, an excellent sprinter. Puru had a huge stride from what Black Beauty could make out without using his vision, and the butterfly found himself slightly impressed.

"She knew what she was getting herself into," Black Beauty thought dumbly. "She wanted to test me. Looks like I'm already failing her little exam."

"Catch me if you can!" Puru laughed, jumping in the air to leap over a small dirt hill. Although the tall grass hid the actual hill, the bump where the grass was slightly taller than the already waist high grass was an immediate indication that there, in fact, was a hill.

Black Beauty screeched unconsciously before he forcibly attempted to make himself to go faster. It did not work apparently. In fact, Puru seemed to pick up speed...
No, Puru was not going faster... HE was getting slower.

Silently, Black Beauty directed all the power he had to the mechanics in his legs in a desperate attempt to gain momentum. It did not seem to work at first, his online computer annoyingly chimed at him that it was dangerous to disable his energy and it suggested he return to his home.. but then it did work. He picked up speed and he pushed forward, ducking his head down and throwing himself forward with his upper body in another move to force himself faster.

Then his legs immediately started to throb and he felt his sides constrict in pain.

Black Beauty slowed down slightly, but then he recalled why he was running in the first place and forced himself to ignore the ache that was steadily increasing. Loosing to the clumsy Puru was not an option for him. If this was some kind of test she was putting him through, he was determined to pass it. Grass whipped against his armor and the ground rushed underneath him, his foot steps falling with quick and hard precision on the ground below him. Really, aside from the growing heat beneath his chest from the extra work, it was no different from flying.

The throb in his legs turned into a sharp pain and his mechanical lungs (assuming we have them) began to burn with a cool numbness. His intakes increased a notch, making his chest heave and strain under the pressure of keeping up his top speed. His medal pulsated faster in his chest in an attempt to keep up with the stress of maintaining his whole body while he ran, and a fine layer of cooling oil had erupted over his forehead and the back of his neck in an uncomfortable and moist sheet.

He leapt over a molehill that suddenly came into his path and the adrenaline rushed through his circuits, making him leap over it before he tripped and could have the chance to break his legs from a fall. He nearly shattered his knees when he landed from his jump though. He had to suppress a screech of abrupt searing pain as he landed back onto solid ground and nearly bent his joints in the wrong direction. In a fluke of chance though, he did not. Instead of checking on them to make sure they weren't entirely damaged, Black Beauty realized he was gaining on Puru... somewhat. As he took off again and ran on, he glanced up to see Puru at least a dozen feet away.

And, thank god, the stupid tree  was ahead too. Maybe one hundred feet away or so.

…Then, in that instant, Puru fell back. Black Beauty pulled ahead.

"HA!" Black Beauty whooped and nearly collapsed from the abrupt lack of oxygen. He gasped and nearly fell over, but he regained his balance in the very last click of his near disaster and stumbled on. He threw his foot forward and rebalanced himself, using that foot to help him sprint ahead by digging the tip of his boot into the ground. Thankfully, the ground did not give way under the strain like at the beginning of the race and he pushed even further ahead.

Puru buzzed somewhere not far behind him.

Black Beauty's lungs burned in his chest and his medal was working at a pace four times it normally did. Nonetheless, he kept on running as fast as he knew his legs would allow. The burning in his chest stung and his breath was coming out in short ragged rasps. He kept moving though, forcing his legs to move despite the pain they were feeling. Puru, as far as he could tell, was right on his heels and catching up. It was an amazing thing the hornet had not tripped over her own two legs and ended up in an un-dignifying heap on the ground, and Black Beauty would have laughed right out loud had he the breath to do so.

The tree was in sight. As soon as Black Beauty hit the vertical incline though, he was sure he was about to collapse... Thankfully, He did not.

Puru had fallen behind him ever so slightly, and Black Beauty's will to win kicked in. He forced his legs into overdrive, heaved in a heavy breath, and leap. 
His head throbbed unmercifully. For a moment, he blacked out, and he was sure he had passed out before he crashed into the tree.

He squaled and returned to reality when his shoulder collided with the hard wood, causing a rather large dent to form in the bark. He blinked, gasped when he forgot to breathe for a second, and his legs finally gave out on him. He slumped down, his back against the somewhat cool bark of the damned birch tree, and he closed his eyes. His head pounded, his chest throbbed, his lungs hurt, his legs were sore, and he could literally hear his body trying to cool. 
In the corner of his vision, warning lights flashed to signal he would go into a light shut down if his systems continued to overheat, but it was promptly ignored since he would not be running anymore.

Despite his exhaustion, Black Beauty found it in himself to grin. He won.

Puru jogged up to him then, her breath only slightly less heavy than his own, and with a playful gleam in her green optics. Her forehead glistened with oil that was equavilent to human sweat and she grinned maniacally. "I… told you-" She took in a sharp breath from her lack of oxygen and continued to grin, wiping at her forehead before falling to her knees in front of the butterfly. "Told you… you would pro... Probably win…"

Black Beauty opened his eyes and glared at Puru and tried to regulate his breathing. He failed miserably and he felt itchy and hot all over, and the sweat clinging to his forehead was not helping any bit.

Then Puru leaned forward gently and edged her face closer to Black Beauty's.

Black Beauty gasped, thinking she was about to kiss him or something... But instead, Puru was grinning like a lunatic. 
" rematch? "
" oh h*ll no! T-that was already hard as it was but a second time?! "
The Medabots laughed, holding their sides.

" oh, you guys are here... "
Puru and Black Beauty looked, exhaustedly, up to see MetaBee and LadyBee.
The couple were staring at them with glistening eyes.
LadyBee started giggling
" don't they look like a couple being so close?... "
" NO WE DON'T! "
Both the flying Medabots quickly objected, turning LadyBee's giggle into pure laughter.
MetaBee nodded to her then at Puru and Black Beauty.
" we should head back... "
" I-I'll catch up, I need to find my sister begfore I go. "
Puru stood and whipped the sweat off her head one last time before leaving.
Black Beauty frowned, he didn't want to be alone with MetaBee and Ladybee...
He was still quite jealous...
But he agreed to walk them home then help Puru if she didn't find Lilium.
A fanfic I made of Puru racing Black Beauty.
Interesting choice for Medabots used to flying, not running.

I did edit some parts... Like making Medabots have lungs... To make the story a bit better.

Puru, Lilium, and Cassie:
LadyBee, BlackBeauty, and Moy:
Tanna Mountain:
MetaBee, Ikki, and Medabots:
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TFFangirl Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this fanfic rocks Bro X3 hahaha, I was laughing when you made it seem like Puru was about to kiss Beauty
Jonathanxbrass2 Apr 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow O_O amazing work
Jonathanxbrass2 Apr 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
no problem ;)
Cute :aww: ...
I never noticed before but now I can actually see B and P as a couple... :giggle:
MedabotPuru Dec 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Puru: :blush: you made it look like I was about to kiss him?

:rofl: I laughed so hard when I read this
BlackDeath: ... Si ....

That's good to know :XD:
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